Q. Will I be given a written quotation?
A. We make sure that we provide a clearly set-out written quote, including a timescale that is realistic for your project.
Q. How long is my new drive or patio guaranteed for?
A. We honour a 10-year installation guarantee for any drive or patio that has been laid on a concrete sub-base.
Q. Is Block Paving Cambridge insured?
A. Yes. We have public liability insurance to the value of £2,000,000.
Q. Are there any recently completed jobs that we can see?
A. Provided that we can contact a previous customer, there is usually no problem in arranging for you to see some of our recently completed work in your area. Alternatively, have a look at our case studies.
Q. How much will my new block paved driveway or patio cost?
A. Because every job is unique, the easiest and quickest way to determine the cost of any job is to visit you at your property and estimate it for you.
Q. Do you offer a maintenance service?
A. Yes. We can negotiate a service that incorporates your needs. We can provide annual or bi-annual cleaning and resanding of your block paved surface, and also offer a resin sealing and coating service to reduce weed and moss growth in sand joints to prolong the colour and life of your block paving.
Q. How do I pay?
A. We are currently putting in place the facility to pay by credit or debit card, but for now, we ask you to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Depending on the value of the works to be undertaken, we may ask for ‘stage payments’ at pre-agreed points.
Q. Will I need planning permission?
A. As of 1st October 2008, a submission for Planning Permission will be required for Impermeable Surfaces, like Pattern Imprinted Concrete. The Purpose of this requirement is to prevent the Stormwater Drain System in the road (and eventually the rivers) from being unnecessarily overfilled in periods of heavy rainfall. However, these requirements only apply to the area between the front of the house and the road.

Block Paving Cambridge’s job is to satisfy both the requirements of our customers and the local council. We can do this with soakaways and draining to the garden. On properties with particularly poor drainage, we are permitted to make use of the storm drains. Providing we make our best effort to drain driveway-accumulated rainwater into the sub-soils below, you will not need planning permission.

Our Site Surveyor will look into every option to make sure that all planning requirements are met. On rare occasions, there may be no option but to apply for Planning Permission. We are happy to apply for Planning Permission on your behalf, which will cost £250.00 and usually takes about eight weeks to complete.

Q. How quickly can my block paving work commence?
A. Work usually begins at your property within two weeks of accepting our quotation.


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