Block Paving Cambridge can fulfill all of your all your requirements, have a look why you should choose us:


Block Paving Cambridge is a family-owned business that has been trading for over 20 years. During that period, we have successfully completed many projects in and around Cambridge, which has given us the expertise and practical knowledge of the paving and building and industries.


Our expertise in project management keeps things firmly on track. By providing all parties – professionals and clients – with clear information, everyone is aware of the project status at every stage.


We take absolute care to discover and appreciate client requirements at the start. It’s then possible for our key project managers and their teams to implement your project through to conclusion. Again, project management is critical to deliver the highest specification with all the details that clients expect.

Local Knowledge

By focusing on block paving in Cambridgeshire, we cover all local authority procedures.

Guaranteed Quality

With Block Paving Cambridge, you get what you want – no quibbles or arguments. We work to contract, using instruments such as JCT Minor Works, so that all parameters are clearly agreed. In addition, of course, we carry full contractors’ all-risk insurance. That’s the formal approach; we also provide easy access to referencing checks from previous clients.

The Team

To be considered a great builder in today’s market requires more than just good craftsmanship; it requires honesty, organisation, clear communication, dedication and a high attention to detail. We invested vast amounts of time to ensure all of our site foremen provide these characteristics.

Proven Results

As you will see from our case studies, we have successfully delivered projects right across Cambridgeshire and are happy to provide you with testimonials from clients. It’s a measure of customer satisfaction that most of our new business comes from client referrals.

If you are not convinced yet, have a look at the latest jobs done by Block Paving Cambridge.


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